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About Home Care and Hospice Infection Control


Mary McGoldrick, MS, RN, CRNI® is a Home Care and Hospice Consultant for Home Health Systems, Inc., which she founded in 1989. Mary provides expert home care and hospice consultation on The Joint Commission home care standards, and infection prevention and control strategies, and also serves as an Infection Preventionist for home health agencies and hospices. Mary serves as a technical expert for the Community Health Accreditation Partner's (CHAP) Subcommittee, developing the new Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Standards for the home care industry, and a department editor and contributing author to the "Infection Prevention" column for the Home Healthcare Now journal.

Mary began her home care career more than 35 years ago as a home health aide, and since that time she has served in a myriad of home care clinical, management, and executive-level positions, and also as a hospice volunteer. She served for 12 years as a home care and hospice surveyor for The Joint Commission (TJC). For TJC, Mary also served as educational faculty for 10 years, providing education to the public-at-large on the home care and hospice standards. During her employment with TJC, she was selected to be the Nurse Surveyor (on a survey team with a Physician and Hospital Administrator) to conduct a survey of TJC against its own non-patient care standards. Additionally, she served as an adjunct professor for five years at Mercer University’s Graduate School of Business and Economics in Atlanta, GA and as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation (INCC).

An author of more than 110 published articles and several books, chapters, and manuals, Mary is a member of the Editorial Review Boards for the Journal of Infusion Nursing and the Home Healthcare Now journal. She also co-authored the first and second editions of the Infection Control in Home Care and Hospice book, an official publication of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), and is the author of the Home Care Infection Prevention and Control Program manual, an evidenced-based compendium of home care and hospice infection prevention and control policies and procedures. For the Infusion Nurses Society (INS), Mary is the author of the “Infection Prevention and Control” chapters in the textbook Infusion Nursing: An Evidence-Based Approach, the Core Curriculum for Infusion Nursing, 4th Edition, and a co-author of the 2016 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice.

Mary served on the CDC-HICPAC APIC Committee to develop surveillance definitions for the home health and hospice industry, and on The Joint Commission’s Expert Advisory Panel for updating the Infection Prevention and Control standards.  A frequent speaker on the topic of infection prevention in home care and hospice, she was an invited speaker at the CDC’s Fifth Decennial International Conference on Healthcare-Associated Infections, and a speaker at the APIC’s 2012 - 2014 Annual Conferences.

Mary McGoldrick, MS, RN, CRNI®, Home Health Systems, Inc.


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